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Ice Skating stuff:

A picture of me skating with a friend in the early 1970's

Holiday season photo 2007

Holiday season photo 2006

Using the Pro-Filer skate sharpener

Steps for mounting blades to boots

Skate Blade Comparison Chart (mainstream brands)

Skate Geometry Infographic

Knee pads made from Ace knee supports and packaging foam

A spinner I made from wood and a turntable bearing

Woodworking project: skate rack

Old boots never die...

More Videos and Pictures...


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I skate on inline PIC skates when there's no ice.

Picture of worn Labeda Gripper Lite wheels on PIC frames

Another wheel bites the dust

An illustration I made to promote Adult Skate Night at a local roller rink.

A video showing an RFI three turn on PIC skates (sorry about the poor quality)

A reasonable spin (for me!) on PIC skates (2009)

Double-three turns on PIC inline skates (2009)